Elite Ground Floor Coverage
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Elite Ground Floor Coverage

Rialto is built & operates like a venture capital firm. However, we do not invest. Our mandate is to provide select multinational corporations, institutional and corporate investors, high-net worth individuals, and trusted service providers, with unprecedented exposure to the top early-stage frontier technology companies at elite innovation hotbeds across the United States. Most importantly, we’re distinguishing objectively high-caliber management teams from the noise and equipping them with the technology to capitalize. We are committed to:

  • Building comprehensive ground floor sourcing coverage at elite and nascent innovation hotbeds across the United States, from MIT and Stanford to Georgia Tech, CalTech, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, and more. We intend to identify & feature the best companies at the earliest stages possible.


  • Leveraging modern technology to vet each company and provide meaningful third-party context on what makes each selection a tier 1 opportunity. We do not invest, remaining entirely unbiased.  However, each selection contributes to our track record and we succeed when our selected companies succeed.