Intelligent Curation & Analytics is on the Horizon
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Intelligent Curation & Analytics is on the Horizon

With the right information, intelligent curation is then made possible. What does this mean for private markets? In a “perfect” private market ecosystem, supply and demand will be optimized for faster innovation and unprecedented transparency.

An apt analogy for the future of private markets is elite & professional athletics. Twenty years ago, objectively talent athletes would fall under the radar due to geographic limitations or underrepresented backgrounds. An elite-level basketball player in South Carolina may never have had the opportunity to pursue Division 1 athletics.

Today, the prevalence of scouting footage (actionable information) and intelligent analytics (performance projections, comparable analysis, etc.) enables objective talent to be seen, be recognized, and be engaged by Division 1 and Professional teams. On the flipside, talent can leverage the prevalence of footage to showcase objective strengths and separate themselves from the rest. Talent can thus maximize their optionality and select from the best possible options for them – the best scholarship offer at the right school, on their terms.

We believe the analogous solution for a “perfect” private market lies in a curated market-network, combining the scale of a multidimensional entrepreneurial network with core entrepreneurial functions.

Rialto is a market-network that curates key members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem based on objective data rather than intuition. The network emphasizes objectivity and transparency by applying evidence-based selection standards to qualify candidates for access.


Companies that gain access have demonstrated a standard of operational ability, product differentiation, and market opportunity that makes them justifiably attractive to institutional investors seeking institutional returns. To create a platform best suited for them, Rialto has curated networks of talent, corporate innovation partners, institutional investors, and more – resources essential to growth when the right subset is accessible.


By featuring only VC caliber companies, Rialto curates the early-stage company pool to differentiate the top decile of companies based on objective performance indicators. For VC’s, interested talent, corporate innovators, and other market participants, this is invaluable.